Village Schools at MÂCHÉ

Village Schools at MÂCHÉ

Village Schools of the Bible ran an exhibition booth at the Minnesota Association of Christian Home Education (MÂCHÉ) conference on 22 and 23 April. Over 4,000 people attended the conference in Duluth, a percentage of whom were made aware, for the first time, of Village Schools of the Bible. We believe it’s important that Village Schools has a presence at MÂCHÉ, the largest home-schooling conference in Minnesota, so that we can encourage parents and their children in the following ways:

  1. Parents have an opportunity to develop a deeper spiritual foundation based on a the whole counsel of God through Cover-to-Cover. The transforming power of the Word of God is foundational for the discipling and coaching relationship parents have with their children. As Jesus profoundly said, “Apart from Me you can do nothing.” (Jn 15.5) It all starts with being well and truly grafted into the Vine, and abiding in Christ.
  2. Young adults have an opportunity to build the same kind of spiritual foundation. Emily Clarke, who at age 14 was one of our youngest Cover-to-Cover students, is a good example. In her words, “This course was the perfect springboard into a deeper walk with Christ as I moved through high school and on into College”. Some parents take Cover-to-Cover along with their children. As homeschooling Mom Sonja Lindgren said: “I am currently taking Cover-to-Cover with my daughter, Alexandra, and I cannot begin to put a value on the knowledge shared and heart-changing effect of studying God’s Word through Village Schools.”
  3. Students taking cover-to-Cover can earn College Credit through the transfer agreements Village Schools has with the University of Northwestern, St. Paul. To quote Sonja Lindgren again, “The credits that (my eldest daughter) Sydney earned through Village Schools will help her complete her Bible minor at the University of Northwestern, St. Paul. This is a wonderful blessing!” Because of the Village Schools’ cost structure, Cover-to-Cover is a very inexpensive way to earn College Credit.

Of course, an important new benefit of Cover-to-Cover is that it is accessible to English-speaking students anywhere in the world through our online format! Learn more about Cover-to-Cover online here:

The next MÂCHÉ conference is scheduled for St Paul in April, 2017.  Attendance of over 5,000 expected. We’ll see you there!

Village Schools at MÂCHÉ

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