Now In Place! VSB Alumni Association


The legacy of Village Schools of the Bible founder Monty Sholund and his wife Doris includes a significant spiritual family. After three decades, over 7,000 people have benefited from VSB courses and other offerings. Monty’s exhortation was to Know, Grow and Go, and we’re scattered among workplaces, churches and neighborhoods intent on shining the Light of Christ wherever we are. The Village family is united together by our love of Jesus Christ and His Word of truth.

  • Remember those late night Bible studies writing reflection papers?
  • Those searching and challenging discipling or classroom discussions?
  • That extraordinary time of profound spiritual growth?

You’ll remember VSB and Cover-to-Cover for the rest of your life!

The VSB Alumni Association exists to serve the Village family. We journey with you through whatever life brings. Our goal is to stay connected and encourage ongoing growth in Christ. Here’s how:

  • Take Cover-to-Cover Online – With students from around the world, you get a different perspective. Refresh your spirit through a new way to dig deeper into God’s Word.
  • Subscribe to the VSB Update newsletter and have it emailed to your inbox. Please let us know about changes to your contact information.
  • Subscribe to our weekly blog posts for the latest updates and new insights.
  • Follow us on Facebook. Invite your friends to check out our Page. Our FB community — which has grown by 33% this last year — is a great way to stay connected. We post weekly updates, and we love to hear from you!
  • Follow us on Twitter. We post spiritual encouragement to just over 3,000 followers. Share and retweet. Help us spread the Light of Christ!
  • Help cover classroom expenses through the Monty and Doris Memorial Fund.
  • Be an advocate for Village: share your Cover-to-Cover experience with prospective students or churches.
  • Volunteering time at the office is a great way to catch up, support the mission and hang out!
  • Would you help host a local VSB get-together or promotional event, and invite friends? Let us know.
  • Re-establish friendships. Network with other VSB alums. Stay connected. Grow in Christ.

The Village family is with you for life.

We’re building a small team of volunteers to help serve our alumni. They provide counsel and input as time permits — including Angela Sadat, Liza Halverson and Paul Bierhaus. We sincerely appreciate their support!

Questions?  See our alumni page. Speak with Trish or Warwick Alcock. Call us on 952.540.9460 or email us.

We’re here to serve.

(This post was written by Warwick Alcock, Director of Strategic Operations, Village Schools of the Bible.)


Now In Place! VSB Alumni Association

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