The Tongue


Our students at Village Schools of the Bible study the book of Proverbs—a book that has much to say about the tongue.  Several have written papers helping us master the truths of Proverbs and the tongue.

One student wrote, “I am reminded of the old E. F. Hutton commercial where everyone stops what they are doing to listen to the firm’s wisdom (‘When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.’)  I want to be that person!  I want my words to be so full of God’s wisdom that people stop and listen – not for my own glory but to glorify God and edify the body of Christ.”

Another student wrote, “Though it is one of the smallest appendages in the body, the tongue holds great power!  It has the power to bring life and death, blessing and cursing according to how words are spoken.    Nations have been won and lost according to how their leaders used their words.  This is true in an individual’s personal battles as well. The LORD gives stern warnings to those who use their words for deceitful gain, lying and folly.”

A long time ago John Wesley gave this advice to his disciples.    “God has given us two ears, but one tongue, to show that we should be swift to hear, but slow to speak. God has set a double fence before the tongue, the teeth and the lips, to teach us to be wary that we offend not with our tongue.”

Do you have a plan to control the tongue?  How can you use your tongue to bless and not curse?  Then I have a book for you–the book of Proverbs.

Written by Executive Director Warren Coe

The Tongue

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