Everyday Faith: Gospel Multiplication in the Workplace


Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth. (Jn 17:17)

Do you park your faith in the parking lot?

Come Monday, many Christians park their faith, along with their car, in the parking lot and work like atheists the rest of the week until Sunday church. Obviously dividing one’s life into sacred and secular like this is a fragmented and inauthentic expression of both self and faith.

The Great Commission in the Workplace

So it was refreshing to hear from Steve Mann and Shane Morin on this topic. Steve and Shane shared how they have been faithfully implementing the Great Commission over the last 8 years in the corporate workplace with multiplying impact. They encourage whole life integration focused discussion groups that meet every other week, focusing on Bible study, prayer, community and life application.

General Guidelines

Steve and Shane offered general guidelines such as the following:

  • Dependence upon God.
  • Spiritual preparedness.
  • Love for one another.

Be careful, they advise, of corporate diversity initiatives, which are likely to encourage “all-roads-lead-to-God” universalism.

The Importance of Multiplication

Steve and Shane place a strong emphasis on multiplication. This ‘each one teach one’ model equips people to be fishers of men who teach others to be fishers of men. The principle of multiplication is so powerful that, as Steve and Shane showed, the entire world could be evangelized within a generation if it were taken seriously. In the Book of Acts the Holy Spirit birthed a multiplying church that turned the Roman Empire upside down and became a worldwide movement. That’s the power of multiplication.

Discussion Group Structure

Steve and Shane recommend a simple, repeatable structure for regular group meetings.

  1. Open in prayer, and share current issues or testimonies. (5-10 minutes).
  2. Bible study – read designated passage and discuss. (25-30 minutes).
    • Ask ‘What does this say to you?
    • ‘How can you apply this to your life?’
    • ‘Who can you tell about this?’
  1. Prayer and Praise. (10 minutes)

Meeting Guidelines

  • Don’t let Bible studies interfere with work — use the lunch hour.
  • Meet every other week. This works well for most people.
  • ‘Come as you can’ — Don’t pressure people to attend every session.
  • Foster community through lunches and coffee meetings between meetings.
  • Leave organizational titles at the door.
  • Be intentionally invitational — Invite others to join in.
  • Grow future leaders through training.

Multiplication is happening in many parts of the company where Steve and Shane work, and it’s now spread to other companies and countries, having a ‘salt-and-light’ impact, and regenerating the milieu of work wherever the gospel spreads.


Over the last 8 years, Steve and Shane have developed a robust set of tried-and-tested resources which they are happy to share. This approach is transferable to any other workplace as well as your neighborhood. Come and observe a discussion group meeting, or take a training session. Contact Steve.  He would be delighted to talk with you and help you get going.

How do I start?

  1. PRAY!
  2. Keep it simple. Find other Christians with whom to partner. Invite friends.
  3. Just start. Steve is available to help.

Dear Jesus — As lost, broken, sin-corrupted people, we desperately need the salvation you bring through the gospel. Because our lives are hidden in yours, Jesus, we are adopted children, righteous in God’s sight, recipients of His Spirit, and loved as much as the He loves you. The gospel is extraordinary and we praise you for it! Yet we need the gospel’s ongoing transformational power, shaping us into your likeness. Keep imprinting the grace and truth of gospel into our hearts we pray, and help us be continually faithful to your mission wherever we go. Amen.

Everyday Faith: Gospel Multiplication in the Workplace

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