What Happens When You Suffer Great Loss?

PalsNancy and Gordy Engel received the phone call no parent wants.  They learned that their daughter Kathryne, son-in-law Jamison and their three grandchildren: Ezra, Violet and Calvin, died in a car accident.

Jamison and Kathryne were preparing for the mission field.  This would be their last training session in Colorado.  Next stop would be Japan.  On July 31, 2016, while driving through Nebraska on I-80 their car was rear ended.

What happens next when you suffer great loss?  How do you deal with profound pain?

You are invited to hear a story of pain, grace and victory.  Tune-in to Village Schools of the Bible’s The Bible for Today: God’s Answers for Daily Living.  Nancy and Gordy will be our guests.

Turn on AM980-The Mission.  Our program airs every Sunday at 10 am.  You can also listen to the podcast here.

Pray that the Lord will use The Bible for Today to encourage many people facing deep pain.

Thank you for listening.

Pastor Warren Coe

Executive Director of Village Schools of the Bible

What Happens When You Suffer Great Loss?

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