Psalm 15

Hello, my friend.  Today we look at PSALM 15, a short one with only five verses, but it holds a number of very important truths.  First of all he poses the question:  “Lord, who may dwell in your sanctuary?”  In other words, who are permitted to dwell in the presence of the Lord.  And if you have read these verses carefully you note that he describes such a person in eleven ways, and states at the end: such a person will never be shaken.  Now what on earth are these characteristics of a person living in the presence of God?  We could take 11 days to describe them, but here they are in simple terms:  a person whose walk is blameless, not faultless, but blameless.  We are never expected to live a faultless life on this earth, we are still learning, we still fall.  But we are expected to live lives of blameless, pure motives. 

Next, he does what is righteous, what pleases a righteous God.  Then he is inwardly honest, what he says in truth he lives.  Then he is a person free from gossip, who is kind to his neighbors, who doesn’t malign those around him, who despises evil and who honors those who love the Lord.   He is a man who keeps his promises, even when it hurts.   I found that striking, since the Scriptures are strong on our committing ourselves to the Lord in a serious, irreversible way.   Psalm 119:105,106 says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.  I have taken an oath and confirmed it, that I will obey your righteous laws.”

When a person takes the Lord that seriously, then the Lord can take that person seriously, entrusting to that individual opportunities that sometimes stretch far beyond what one could ever have dreamed.    And it is interesting how here in Psalm 15 David finally declares that the person living in the Lord’s presence is one who handles his money carefully and generously.  He refuses to allow financial gain to corrupt his behavior in any way in the market-place or in any area of his life.

One is obviously greatly challenged by these descriptions of a person living in the Lord’s presence, and we are greatly blessed to have such a clear declaration of a person who is living in fellowship with the Lord.   I am stimulated, reminded and even rebuked as I ponder this brief but strong passage of Scripture, and I am thankful that I have it to live out. 

“Thank you, again, Lord for your wonderful Word, strong to rebuke but also able to guide, challenge and bless.  We long to live like this, for your glory.   Bless my friend who has joined in, even as we think of some in very special need.  Thank you, Lord, that you are enough.” 

Hallelujah!  Thank you, partner, whether nearby or around the world.  Cheerio! 

Psalm 15

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