Psalm 18

Hello, my friend.  It’s quite something to read through the Psalms with a certain intention.  Few people have done this, and I am personally finding this experience again refreshing and stimulating.  Thank you for joining in.

Now we come to PSALM 18, a Psalm with a difference.  I found the introductory note in my Bible very useful.  It says:  “For the director of music.  Of David the servant of the Lord.”  He sang to the Lord the words of this song when the Lord delivered him from the hand of his enemies and from the hand of Saul.  And this Psalm is a direct quotation of 2 Samuel 22:1-51.  If you have the time, take a moment and turn to that chapter in 2 Samuel and you will see, from circumstances, how significant this anthem of praise is.  Especially when the next chapter, 2 Samuel 23, begins with, “These are the last words of David.”    So PSALM 18 is one of the very significant Psalms, well worthy of much study, if and when you can make the time.  I thrill to the way this chapter begins:  “I love you, O Lord, my strength.”

I think David is truly just exploding with joy and thankfulness, a spontaneous “I love you Lord, my strength.”  That is surely a great key to spiritual power.  And he continues his praise of God in the next verses…the Lord is my rock, my fortress, my deliverer, my refuge, my shield, my stronghold, the Lord, who is worthy of praise.  Isn’t that powerful?    And there are other very precious verses in this Psalm, like vs. 19, “The Lord brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me.”  And vs. 21, “I have kept the ways of the Lord; I have not done evil by turning away from my God.”  And he continues there in vs.28, “You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.” And vs. 30, “As for God His way is perfect; the word of the Lord is flawless.  He is a shield for all who take refuge in him.  For who is God besides the Lord.  It is God who arms me with strength, and makes my way perfect.”

Then David seems to be almost arrogant as he speaks of the power, influence and authority God had given him, and we are puzzled by this.  But then he declares clearly that all he has and is and ever will be is because “the Lord lives, exalted be God my Savior.  He gives his king great victories; He shows unfailing kindness to his anointed, to David and his descendants forever.” (vs.50).  These are David’s private thoughts, you know, as he reviews how his enemies were destroyed and the nation secured, and we can be stirred to great exploits for God, as we ponder this.  

“We feel puny, even pathetic, Lord, in our feeble words of praise, and our fumbling lives of failure, in the light of the glory of all we have read.  Give us courage, Lord, to do great exploits for you, as we are confronted all around us with people who ignore you.  Make us strong soldiers, Lord Jesus, for your glory!  Bless my friend who is alongside, even as we pray for dear ones in very urgent need.” 

Thank you, friend, for checking in.  It’s a blessing to be together.  Cheerio!

Psalm 18

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