Psalm 24

Hello, my friend.   There is sometimes a wonderful shout of glory in the Psalms, a paragraph or phrase which really needs trumpets and drums and many instruments to rightly declare it.  Sometimes, I get a tingle as I think how a great symphony of praise would accompany them, to the stir of heart and challenge of life.

I knew a dear old Scotsman in South Africa, whom we all called Father Anderson.  He worshipped with us in our church and we loved to hear him pray, so closely did he walk with the Lord. Years slipped by, his wife died and he became very old.  But I would go and visit with him, and we loved to sing old hymns together.  One of them was based on PSALM 24, our Psalm for today.  The chorus would go, “Lift up your heads, oh ye gates, and be ye lifted up so that the King of Glory may come in.”  Then I would sing, “Who is this king of glory?”  And he would sing back the next line of the hymn, “The Lord strong and mighty.”  Then I would sing back, “Who is this King of Glory?”  And Father Anderson would respond, “The Lord so strong in battle.”  And we’d sing the rest of the hymn together.  We both loved to sing!

One day I remember his daughter Ruth phoned me and said Father Anderson was dying.  I hadn’t seen him for quite a while, so I hurried to her home, and found him in a comatose state.  I stood by his bed, holding his hand, with tears in my eyes, as I knew the old warrior was almost home.  I began to sing, “Lift up your heads, oh ye gates, and be ye lifted up so that the King of Glory may come in.”  As I sang, I felt a twitch of his hand.   And I sang, “Who is this King of Glory?”  And amazingly he croaked, “The Lord strong and mighty.”   And he looked at me, with such love in his eyes and said, “Thanks, laddie, I’ll see you in the morning.”  And he died.  It was a rare moment of glory.  I was swept with a longing to see the Lord with my friend!

So we’ve looked at Psalm 22, and thought of Christ’s redemptive work in the past.  And in Psalm 23 we saw His enabling work for us in the present.  Here in Psalm 24 we think of Christ’s triumphal return in the future.  And we read about those for whom He will come, those who may ascend the hill of the Lord, who may stand in his holy place!  Such an important question.  We read the description of them, in vss.3-6. They are those who have clean hands and pure hearts, who do not lift up their souls to idols, or swear by what is false.  Most of all, they will be the generation of those who seek the Lord, who seek His face, the God of Jacob.   Whose lives are wide open that the King of Glory may enter in. What a wondrous thought!

“Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the stir of heart and the challenge of life to be able to live in the light of your coming again.  Help us today to swing open the doors of our hearts, so that we may seek you every hour, that you with triumph may enter in.  Help us to be the people whose lives declare, “The earth is the Lord’s and every-thing in it, the world and all who live in it”…which includes all we are and have.  Bless my friend who is alongside and others in special need for whom we lovingly pray this day.”

Thank you, my fellow-worker, for your prayers.  Cheerio!

Psalm 24

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