Cowboy’s Prayer on Humility

Waddie Mitchell is my favorite Cowboy poet.  He talks about life, marriage, nature and faith in cowboy language–cowboy poetry.  Enjoy his poetic take on humility.

No one really walks alone,

although the truth ain’t always clear.

Someone blazed the trail you followed

and someone brought you here.

And all the gifts and talents,

with which you might be blessed

are things you could not give yourself

nor could you, to me, bequest.

So what is there to brag about

and swell yourself with pride,

for we are but the vessel

in which the gift may ride.

So hold to your humility

in simple gratitude each day

thank Him from whom all gifts flow,

and thank those who’ve shown the way.

Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 5:3

Cowboy’s Prayer on Humility

What It Really Takes

Sometime ago I came across an article that explained how William Carey–the Father of the Modern Mission Movement–laid the ground work for revival in India.  Although his covenant for revival is over two hundred years ago, yet the principles are fresh and relevant for the church in America.

1.  Set an infinite value on men’s souls.

2.  Acquaint ourselves with the snares which hold the minds of the people.

3. Abstain from whatever deepens people’s prejudice against the gospel.

4.  Watch for every chance of doing the people good.

5.  Preach “Christ crucified” as the grand means of conversion.

6.  Esteem and treat people always as our equals.

7.  Guard and build up ‘The hosts that may be gathered.”

8.  Cultivate their spiritual gifts, every pressing upon them their missionary obligation.

9. Labor unceasingly in biblical translation.  (editor’s note, this was Carey’s lifelong calling)

10. Be instant in the nature of personal religion.

11. Give ourselves without reserve to the Cause, “not counting even the clothes we wear our own.”

What It Really Takes