Righteousness Exalts a Nation

american-flag-flying-and-curled-1518977617CXLProverbs 14:34 says, “Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a disgrace to any people.”  The Word of God teaches that the crown of authority for any nation is when they covet righteousness.  However, the shame of a nation is when they embrace and promote sin.  With the first a nation has the blessings of God but with the second they live with the consequences of rebellion and sin.

Righteousness and the Gospel

We cannot forget the fact that true righteousness is only discovered in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The gospel is the good news that Jesus bore the sinner’s punishment.  2 Corinthians 5:21 says, “He made Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.”

Gospel-Foundation of the United States

Our great nation was established by men and women who desired to embrace the gospel and live that gospel.  Over the centuries the gospel has run fast and swift to every part of this nation and served as the foundation stone for America’s greatness.

In his first general order to his troops, General George Washington called on: “Every officer and man…to live and act, as becomes a Christian soldier defending the dearest rights and liberties of his country.”

After the Battle of the Cross, a soldier recounted to Chaplain Bennett his observation of General Stonewall Jackson.  “I saw something today which affected me more than anything I ever saw or read on religion.  While the battle was raging and the bullets were flying, Jackson rode by, calm as if he were at home, but his head was raised toward heaven, and his lips were moving evidently in prayer.”

Chaplain Jones writes of a captain in the Georgia Brigade who was converted at one of the prayer meetings.  The captain professed publicly, “Men, I have led you into many a battle.  Alas!  I have (also) led you into all manner of wickedness and vice.  I have enlisted under the banner of the cross, and mean, by God’s help, to prove a faithful soldier of Jesus…I call upon you, my brave boys, to follow me, and I shall try to follow ‘The Captain of our salvation’.”

Pray for the United States of America.  Pray that the gospel will penetrate our nation.

Righteousness Exalts a Nation

What Happens When You Suffer Great Loss?

PalsNancy and Gordy Engel received the phone call no parent wants.  They learned that their daughter Kathryne, son-in-law Jamison and their three grandchildren: Ezra, Violet and Calvin, died in a car accident.

Jamison and Kathryne were preparing for the mission field.  This would be their last training session in Colorado.  Next stop would be Japan.  On July 31, 2016, while driving through Nebraska on I-80 their car was rear ended.

What happens next when you suffer great loss?  How do you deal with profound pain?

You are invited to hear a story of pain, grace and victory.  Tune-in to Village Schools of the Bible’s The Bible for Today: God’s Answers for Daily Living.  Nancy and Gordy will be our guests.

Turn on AM980-The Mission.  Our program airs every Sunday at 10 am.  You can also listen to the podcast here.

Pray that the Lord will use The Bible for Today to encourage many people facing deep pain.

Thank you for listening.

Pastor Warren Coe

Executive Director of Village Schools of the Bible

What Happens When You Suffer Great Loss?