New Year Resolution Traditions

A New Year’s resolution is a tradition reaching around the world and back to ancient times.  The Medieval age saw the Christmas season as a time to make vows for the coming year.  The ancient Middle East made promises to their gods beginning each New Year.  I wonder if Adam and Eve made a few New Year’s resolutions after they were denied the Garden of Eden.  Are yearly resolutions an echo or longing of when we walked with our Creator: A time of perfect union, a sin-free world and God’s perfect peace?

The Bible says that Jesus is coming again (Revelation 22:12, 13) but until that time we continue to make our resolutions each year.

The Best of All Resolutions

The best of all resolutions comes from the pen of King David.  “My soul languishes for your salvation; I wait for your word.  My eyes fail with longing for your word, while I say, ‘When will you comfort me?’ Though I have become like a wineskin in the smoke, I do not forget your statues.” (Psalm 119:81-83)

The greatest resolution a believer can make is to know God’s Word and obey God’s Word.  Our mission at Village Schools of the Bible is to teach God’s Word and transform lives because we believe that God’s Word is God’s power and God’s power is God’s Word.

Village Schools of the Bible Can Help You Keep that Resolution

On January 6, 2020 new discipleship classes begin.  We invite you to enroll in a campus near you.  Cover-to-Cover Bible Survey is a journey through God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation.  It is intense but life transforming.

Cover-to-Cover Bible Survey can be experienced online.  In the comfort of your home, you can journey through God’s Word.  Your travel guide is Pastor Warren Coe, executive director of Village Schools of the Bible.  You will be assigned a mentor that will help you along the journey through the Bible.  Go to our website for more information.

We pray that your 2020 will be a year of feasting on God’s Word.


New Year Resolution Traditions

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