10 Things God does with our Sin

At Church on Sunday, the praise chorus proclamation “He has done great things” prompted our family to reflect. What are some “great things” that God has done? We listed His protection, love, forgiveness and His giving us His Holy Spirit among others. What we didn’t list was God forgetting. Can the Lord God, who created heaven and earth and knows all, forget? While this may sound like a riddle, it isn’t. It is a joyous truth that scripture repeats! We have a relationship with a Holy God who chooses to forgive our sin yet remembers our tears (Psalm 56:8).

These weeks leading up to our remembrance of the last week of Christ’s earthly ministry, we want to share with you this meaningful blog that pulls together 10 things that God does with our sin. We hope it stirs your heart and penetrates your mind as it has ours.

“10 THINGS GOD DOES WITH OUR SIN (SESSION 11 – PSALM 32:1-11)”  by Mike Livingstone. Posted August 7, 2017 at Explore the Bible/Lifeway. Used with permission.

10 Things God does with our Sin

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