Meet our Summer Class Teachers: Harvey Martin

Harvey will be teaching a class on The Holy Spirit in Today’s Culture starting in May

Harvey is currently the pastor of Dale Evangelical Free Church in Harris, MN. He and his wife, Grace have been married for 63 years. They have three daughters, all of whom are accomplished violinists. They are blessed with six grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born in Canada. Graduated from London Teacher’s College in London, Ontario. I taught elementary school in Ontario before moving to Portland, Oregon where I attended Multnomah School of the Bible.  I continued my preparation for ministry at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, Texas, and completed it at Trinity Evangelical Seminary in Deerfield, Illinois where I received a Ph.D. Whilst studying at Trinity I was the Minister of Christian Education at Racine Bible Church. I was Professor of Christian Education at the University of Northwestern for 21 years. I have served as interim pastor of several churches in the St. Paul and Minneapolis area and was chairman of the board of Village Schools of the Bible from 2012 to 2015.

What inspired you to choose this topic to teach this summer?

I found that education had an impact on the lives of students, but I have found that it is the Holy Spirit through the Word of God that permanently changes lives. When one sees this happening in the lives of people, it produces a passion to teach the Word under the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Since there is much confusion about the person and work of the Holy Spirit, I desire to focus on what the Bible teaches about the Theology of the Holy Spirit.

How have you seen your teaching impact students?

I began teaching for Village Schools through the influence of Warren Coe several years ago. I have made several observations during this period of time. The Christian life is a process called sanctification that takes time and experiences to accomplish. Truth must become worked out in life (Faith without works is dead – James 2:17) Unless the student submits to a life of faith that is experiencing prosperity and adversity, he or she will not experience truth worked out in shoe leather. We, who teach God’s Word, must be careful to realize that because people are exposed to the Word does not mean that they will automatically live out it’s truth.

What challenges do you see in current culture that can be addressed through knowing God’s Word?

The problem in our culture is that truth is no longer considered to be truth. Truth is what the individual considers to be truth. But it has now moved beyond the individual concept of truth to the truth that the elite accepts as truth. Only truth accepted by the elite is truth and the average person must submit to that truth.  

Summer Class Information

The Holy Spirit in Today’s Culture with Dr. Harvey Martin Register

Virtual Class over Zoom | 10 weeks | $100 | Thursdays, May  6—July 8  | 6:30-8:00 pm

The Holy Spirit is perhaps the least understood member of the Trinity. Become
reacquainted with the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Among the many voices
competing for attention in our busy world, learn how to discern His leading correctly.
Understand how He can energize us to live in our world for God’s purposes. This class
will reignite your faith!

Meet our Summer Class Teachers: Harvey Martin

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