Too Much Drama…

Bull horn lute from Bible History Online.

“Too much drama,” my teenage niece said, regarding her peers. Sometimes I feel the same way. The highs and lows of someone else’s life are difficult to hear about or follow. That is how some people experience the book of Psalms. David, and other writers, pour out their joys and woes to their (our) covenant God. Through their invitation, we read how they process their personal guilt, political victory, and even how they curse their enemies. Their tone is so intimate that the book reads like a diary of a youth going through necessary, but painful, emotional self-awareness. 

However, the book of Psalms is so much more than the account of the author’s well-being. Its purpose is to reveal the character and actions of a faithful God no matter what the present looks like personally or for the nation of Israel. And the book of Psalms points us to the coming of God the Son as the Messiah. 

In his commentary on the book of Psalms, Matthew Henry writes, it is “one of the choicest parts of the Old Testament, wherein there is so much of Christ and his gospel, as well as of God and his law, that it has been called the summary of both Testaments.” And on the road to Emmaus, post-resurrection, Jesus said, “These are my words that I spoke to you while I was still with you, that everything written about me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled” (Luke 24:44).

The book of Psalms points to Jesus and invites us to share our entire selves with God. For this reason, our Village Schools of the Bible blog regularly posts reflections on the Psalms written by our founder, Monty Sholund. As many can testify, Monty knew and taught God’s Word powerfully, and he was also a prolific writer.  

We hope you will incorporate Monty’s Musing on the Psalms as a regular part of your Bible Study and reflection. You can subscribe below or you can find the blogs on our Facebook page. We post a new Psalm each Tuesday and Friday.

There are also copies of Monty’s book still available to order from Village Schools of the Bible. Send an email to Trish ( to request a copy. Cost $10 each including postage.

Too Much Drama…

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