Let’s Remember Monty & Doris!

Monty & Doris 1999

After graduation, Monty served in the Ubangi district of the Congo along with his wife, Doris, then a nursing missionary from Oxford, England. That was the start of a 35-year missionary commitment to Africa! After ‘retiring’ back in the USA, Monty refired,  launching Village Schools of the Bible to continue the vision that had gripped him all his life: encouraging lay people to study the Bible seriously and live it out. Monty set rigorous standards from the start – standards that continue to be a hallmark of the ministry.

As Village Schools of the Bible pursues the mission of teaching God’s Word and transforming lives, it continues Monty’s original vision of helping lay people study the entire Bible so they can know God more deeply, grow in Christ, and live missionally – in Monty’s words, to Know, Grow and Go.

A Monty and Doris Sholund Memorial Fund has now been established in honor of this extraordinary couple to marshal funds for teaching and classroom expenses, including scholarships for financially challenged students.  If you have been blessed by the Village Schools ministry in the past and would like to bless future students in honor of Monty and Doris, would you consider a gift in their memory to strengthen their legacy?

Click here to contribute to the Monty and Doris Memorial Fund.

Cover-to-Cover Refresh

How about a refresh? Monty’s original Bible survey concept is available online. Take it from the comfort and convenience of your home. In keeping with Monty’s no-nonsense rigor, Col. Richard Gary Moore, paratrooper and chaplain retired from the US Army, will be your online mentor: you will find in him a challenging but loving shepherd with your spiritual welfare at heart. Bite the bullet. Dare to take Cover-to-Cover Online!

Tell friends and your pastor about Cover-to-Cover

Tell others. Monty’s vision was extraordinary, and Cover-to-Cover is exceptional. Some of your friends may want to step up and take the Cover-to-Cover Bible Survey course. See our on-site campuses here.

Also, let us know if your church might be interested in a partnership with Village Schools. Let’s work together to get the Word out!

See our web site if you have questions, or contact us via email or phone 952.540.9460.

In memory of Monty and Doris – Cheerio!

(This post was written by Warwick Alcock, Director of Strategic Operations, Village Schools of the Bible.)

Let’s Remember Monty & Doris!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Remember Monty & Doris!

  1. Cathy Berry says:

    Thank you for this tribute. I went to Rosebank Bible College, Johannesburg, South Africa in 1978, where Monty was Principal. RBC was born out of a vision Monty had in the bath and saw many lives changed – my husband became a Christ follower in 1978 at RBC, which is where I met him – 2 years later we were married. 37 years on and we still talk about the good, solid Bible-based teaching we received from Monty and the other lecturers.

    Cathy Berry


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